The Best Aerobic Exercise for Calorie Burning and Fat Loss

Companies are constantly promoting aerobic exercise machines that are supposed to be more effective for calorie burning and fat loss than other equipment, but these claims are more marketing hype than science fact. This post looks at how different equipment affects your results and explains what is really important for calorie burning and fat loss.

     There constantly seem to be new commercials or infomercials selling aerobic exercise equipment to help you burn calories and lose fat. Many of these advertisements make a point of mentioning how their product gets you to burn calories at a faster rate than if you perform other types of exercise or use a different piece of equipment. With so many companies making statements about their equipment being the best for burning calories, it raises the questions, are these statements accurate and which form of aerobic exercise really is best for fat loss?

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Which Organic Foods are Worth the Extra Cost?

Organic foods are continually increasing in popularity, but they can still cost significantly more than regular foods. This post takes a look at different food products to see which ones are worth paying extra to buy organic.

     Organic foods are becoming increasingly more popular and there are a number of reasons why. Organic products are usually more natural, contain fewer unhealthy substances, and they can even have more taste than their non-organic counterparts. Of course, there is a down side to all this, which is that they cost more than regular foods. The price of food is certainly an important consideration, especially in the current economy, so the question many people have is, which organic foods are worth the extra cost?

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Burning Extra Calories does not Always Translate into Fat Loss

Losing fat is one of the biggest struggles in health and fitness and people often try to make it sound easy by saying things like, “Just increase your activity by 500 calories a day and you will lose 1 pound per week.” Unfortunately, fat loss is not that simple and this post explains the factors you need to take into account in order to lose fat and keep it off.

     It can be a challenge to lose weight and especially fat, which is why so many people struggle to get rid of their unwanted pounds. So many people have problems with their weight that various media sources are constantly providing “helpful” suggestions. This is great, except much of this information is dumbed down or oversimplified to the point where the information becomes misleading or even incorrect. One issue that is frequently misrepresented is the relationship between calorie burning and fat loss. People are constantly saying that if you burn an additional X calories per day, then you will lose X amount of weight over the course of a week, month, or year. Unfortunately, things are not quite that simple.

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Are Organic Foods Better than Non-Organic Foods?

Organic products are becoming more popular all the time, but many people still argue about whether or not organic foods are really better than other foods. This post takes a closer look at the issue by discussing the differences between organic and non-organic foods, as well as the implications for your health.

     Not too long ago, if you wanted to find a decent selection of organic products, you had to go to a specialty health food store. Now you can find organic produce, meats, dairy products and more at almost any grocery store. There is no question that organic foods have increased in popularity in recent years, but many people still have questions about organic products. Perhaps the most common question is, are organic foods really better than non-organic foods?

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Bodyweight Exercises: Misconceptions and Mistakes

Bodyweight exercises are incredibly popular, because most of them require no equipment and can be performed almost anywhere. As a result, they are often used by beginning exercisers, but they are more complicated than they might first appear. This post examines the misconceptions and mistakes people make with bodyweight training and provides tips to help get the most out of your training routine.

     Bodyweight training has been a popular form of exercise for decades, especially when it comes to group exercise classes and workout videos. It can certainly be an effective form of exercise, but bodyweight training programs are often designed without really considering the many different types of people who perform the workouts. Bodyweight exercises are typically assumed to be appropriate for everyone, but that is not exactly true.

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Food as Fuel vs. Food as Enjoyment: Implications for Fat Loss

Eating healthy can be a challenge, although this challenge can be made significantly easier or tougher by the way you think about food. This post looks at the two primary approaches towards eating and discusses their implications for fat loss.

     The way you think about food has a significant impact on your nutritional habits and your health. Thinking about food in specific ways can have various effects, such as encouraging improvements in your body or making it almost impossible to lose fat. The two primarily competing attitudes involve thinking of food as either a source of fuel for your body or as a source of enjoyment or comfort. People who treat food as fuel are usually healthier and in better shape than people who view food as a source of enjoyment. In any case, it is ideal if you can find a healthy balance between the two.

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Using Easy Aerobic Exercise to Stimulate Fat Loss

It seems as though almost everyone is trying to lose fat and many people try to accomplish this using easy aerobic exercise. Unfortunately, this approach is often unsuccessful, but this post explains how to use easy aerobic exercise in a way that effectively stimulates fat loss.

     Fat loss is unquestionably one of the most popular topics in health and fitness, as people constantly seem to be looking for that special workout, diet, pill, or piece of exercise equipment to give them the body of their dreams. I have written numerous articles about the importance of performing challenging workouts if you want to lose fat and improve your fitness level, but as with most things in health and fitness, there is more than one way to accomplish fat loss. This post explains how easy aerobic workouts can help stimulate fat loss.

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Supplements: Weight Loss Products – Do They Live up to their Hype?

Weight loss supplements make up a large part of the supplement industry and people are continually trying new supplements to help them lose fat. This post looks at the three major categories of weight loss supplements to see if they really deliver on their weight loss promises.

     People spend an incredible amount of money on weight loss supplements, but are they really worth it? There are many different types of weight loss supplements, but they can generally be broken down into three categories: metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants, and supplements to prevent you from storing calories as fat. Naturally, there are some weight loss supplements that do not fall into any of these categories and some supplements fall under multiple categories, but for the sake of this post, these categories will cover the vast majority of weight loss products.

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