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Learning Proper Exercise Technique: The Problem with Familiar Movements

It takes effort to develop good exercise technique and one reason is because the human body likes to replicate familiar movements. This article discusses why this is a problem and gives advice on how to improve your form while exercising.

     Performing exercises with proper technique is difficult. Any qualified fitness professional can walk into virtually any gym in the country and point out significant form flaws in the vast majority of exercisers, regardless if they are beginners or have been working out for years. Surprisingly, the biggest roadblocks to proper technique often have to do with your body’s natural habits.

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Balance and Stability: Functions and Misconceptions

The way the human body feels and functions is determined by numerous factors, including nutrition, flexibility, strength, and endurance. While these are often addressed in health and fitness programs, balance and stability are two issues that rarely get enough attention. This post explains why balance and stability are important and provides examples of how they impact everyday activities.

     Balance and stability are two of the attributes that determine your overall level of fitness, but they are rarely given the attention they deserve in a typical training program. One reason is because most people do not appreciate their importance, at least not until they get older and their health and fitness naturally starts to decline. Another problem is the concepts and functions of balance and stability are often misunderstood and training to improve those attributes is rarely explained or even discussed by most media sources. As a result, balance and stability often go unaddressed, which can cause problems later in life.

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The Best Aerobic Exercise for Calorie Burning and Fat Loss

Companies are constantly promoting aerobic exercise machines that are supposed to be more effective for calorie burning and fat loss than other equipment, but these claims are more marketing hype than science fact. This post looks at how different equipment affects your results and explains what is really important for calorie burning and fat loss.

     There constantly seem to be new commercials or infomercials selling aerobic exercise equipment to help you burn calories and lose fat. Many of these advertisements make a point of mentioning how their product gets you to burn calories at a faster rate than if you perform other types of exercise or use a different piece of equipment. With so many companies making statements about their equipment being the best for burning calories, it raises the questions, are these statements accurate and which form of aerobic exercise really is best for fat loss?

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Burning Extra Calories does not Always Translate into Fat Loss

Losing fat is one of the biggest struggles in health and fitness and people often try to make it sound easy by saying things like, “Just increase your activity by 500 calories a day and you will lose 1 pound per week.” Unfortunately, fat loss is not that simple and this post explains the factors you need to take into account in order to lose fat and keep it off.

     It can be a challenge to lose weight and especially fat, which is why so many people struggle to get rid of their unwanted pounds. So many people have problems with their weight that various media sources are constantly providing “helpful” suggestions. This is great, except much of this information is dumbed down or oversimplified to the point where the information becomes misleading or even incorrect. One issue that is frequently misrepresented is the relationship between calorie burning and fat loss. People are constantly saying that if you burn an additional X calories per day, then you will lose X amount of weight over the course of a week, month, or year. Unfortunately, things are not quite that simple.

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Bodyweight Exercises: Misconceptions and Mistakes

Bodyweight exercises are incredibly popular, because most of them require no equipment and can be performed almost anywhere. As a result, they are often used by beginning exercisers, but they are more complicated than they might first appear. This post examines the misconceptions and mistakes people make with bodyweight training and provides tips to help get the most out of your training routine.

     Bodyweight training has been a popular form of exercise for decades, especially when it comes to group exercise classes and workout videos. It can certainly be an effective form of exercise, but bodyweight training programs are often designed without really considering the many different types of people who perform the workouts. Bodyweight exercises are typically assumed to be appropriate for everyone, but that is not exactly true.

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Using Easy Aerobic Exercise to Stimulate Fat Loss

It seems as though almost everyone is trying to lose fat and many people try to accomplish this using easy aerobic exercise. Unfortunately, this approach is often unsuccessful, but this post explains how to use easy aerobic exercise in a way that effectively stimulates fat loss.

     Fat loss is unquestionably one of the most popular topics in health and fitness, as people constantly seem to be looking for that special workout, diet, pill, or piece of exercise equipment to give them the body of their dreams. I have written numerous articles about the importance of performing challenging workouts if you want to lose fat and improve your fitness level, but as with most things in health and fitness, there is more than one way to accomplish fat loss. This post explains how easy aerobic workouts can help stimulate fat loss.

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