Using Easy Aerobic Exercise to Stimulate Fat Loss

It seems as though almost everyone is trying to lose fat and many people try to accomplish this using easy aerobic exercise. Unfortunately, this approach is often unsuccessful, but this post explains how to use easy aerobic exercise in a way that effectively stimulates fat loss.

     Fat loss is unquestionably one of the most popular topics in health and fitness, as people constantly seem to be looking for that special workout, diet, pill, or piece of exercise equipment to give them the body of their dreams. I have written numerous articles about the importance of performing challenging workouts if you want to lose fat and improve your fitness level, but as with most things in health and fitness, there is more than one way to accomplish fat loss. This post explains how easy aerobic workouts can help stimulate fat loss.

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Fact or Fiction: No Pain, No Gain

This post discusses the expression no pain, no gain and explains why pushing yourself harder is not always better. Your body needs to be challenged to some degree, but you also need to include adequate recovery time in your workout routine.

     No pain, no gain is one of the most commonly used expressions in fitness and chances are just reading those words made you think about working out. Well, probably not just working out, but working out really hard. It is known that the human body must be exposed to increasingly difficult challenges (higher weights, more reps, less rest, etc.) to stimulate further gains and exercising at an easy or comfortable level will, at best, only maintain your current fitness level. As a result, people often say no pain, no gain as a way to get the point across that you need to push yourself if you really want to improve. However, is no pain, no gain really an accurate statement?

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Fact or Fiction: Exercising in Water is Good for Your Entire Body

Exercising in the water is becoming more and more popular all the time and it is promoted as being an effective method of training for people of all ages and ability levels. This post takes a closer look at water based workouts and discusses the benefits and drawbacks of this form of training.

     Water aerobics and other water based workouts are becoming more popular all the time and everyone from individuals recovering from injuries to advanced athletes in peak condition are benefiting from this form of exercise. With so many different people benefiting from exercising in the water, it is being considered a great form of exercise for everyone and some people are even saying it is the best form of exercise. However, the issue remains whether or not this is the ideal workout that truly benefits your entire body.

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The 3 Things Needed for a Comprehensive Warm-up

This post discusses the 3 different stages required for a comprehensive warm-up. It also provides suggestions to help make adjustments to these recommendations, depending on your particular training program.

     Everyone agrees that it is important to warm up before exercise, but there has been a lot of disagreement about what should be included in a warm-up. Many of these disagreements are the result of research done over the last 10 to 15 years, which has provided new insight into many of the old assumptions about warming up. At this point, the specific physiological effects of different types of warm-ups are becoming clear and I want to summarize recent findings and explain what you need to include if you want to experience all the benefits associated with warming up.

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How to Improve Your Body with Recovery Workouts

This post discusses different types of recovery workouts and gives advice about how to incorporate them into your exercise program.

     I previously introduced the concept of recovery workouts and explained how they can improve your long-term health and fitness success (click here to read post). Now that you know why they are important, I want to discuss how to design recovery workouts and incorporate them into your overall training program.

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The Importance of Recovery Workouts

This post introduces the topic of recovery workouts and explains how they can help you feel better and achieve long-term health and fitness success.

     A lot of my writing has been about the importance of doing challenging workouts (instead of just doing activities to burn calories), if you are trying to lose fat and increase your fitness level. However, even though challenging workouts are the most effective for producing positive results, it doesn’t mean you should do them all the time. In addition to doing challenging workouts, you should also incorporate recovery workouts into your overall exercise program.

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